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This website is the companion to Soccer Analytics: An Introduction Using R by Clive Beggs (published in the Chapman & Hall data science series). This book is a practical and comprehensive introduction to soccer analytics, which shows the reader how tackle real-life problems often encountered in Association Football. As such, it is aimed at all those interested in analysing soccer data, be they fans, gamblers, coaches, sports scientists, or data scientists wishing to pursue a career in professional soccer.

The website is for all those with an interest in soccer stats and analytics. Therefore, in addition to talking about soccer it also contains short articles on statistics, which some might find of interest. Each of these are designed to give a quick overview of a specific subject.

Clive Beggs

Clive Beggs, the curator of this website, is Emeritus Professor of Applied Physiology in the Carnegie School of Sport at Leeds Beckett University in the UK. He is a PhD bio-engineer and physiologist, who has worked for many years with leading research teams around the world on a wide variety of medical and sport related projects. With a background in mathematical modelling of clinical and biological systems, he also has expertise in data analytics and machine learning, which he regularly uses in his sport performance work.

Being a multidisciplinary academic, Clive has published many peer-reviewed scientific articles in a wide variety of fields, a few of which are listed below.

Selected Publications


Medicine, Physiology and Health:

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